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Discover our unique platform for land acquisitions!

  • More than 300 properties with development potential

  • 2 to 5 new opportunities a day

  • All pre-analyzed by our team of expert to expedite your investment decision under 20 minutes

How you fill your pipeline will dictate your success. It’s time to stop wasting your energy chasing rabbits, and develop an acquisition strategy that will bring your business to new grounds.


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Why work with Landerz


Everything for sale, one platform

Talking to A or B, trying to figure out what's on the market and worth your energy is a tiring process. We know what's for sale, we scan the market daily so you never miss a deal, all neatly presented in a single platform.


All the information you need

Collecting all the information required to make a decision is time consuming. We do it all for you, and make it available at the click of a button. We provide additional insights, though by development professionals, to support your decision making.


Decide within minutes

Building a financial pro forma has never been easier. With all the information at your fingertip, including resale or rental value, construction costs, and comparable land transactions, you can confidently make your investment decision within minutes.


A professional at your side

We understand your business dynamic and imperatives, and we'll only provide you with opportunities that make sense to you, with a reasonable chance of closing. Focus on your projects, we will handle your pipeline.

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Go beyond the market

The market can often be slim. But the world is full of opportunities. We will gladly put on our hunting gear to find deals that fits your strategy.


Connect the dots

Our clients benefit from our huge database and free market insights. What sells for how much? Who bought what? What zoning change or transit investment are coming? Know everything, and connect the dots so you're always ahead of the game.


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