Maximizing potential requires the best professionals

Land transactions are complex. Getting the most out of a property requires a highly skilled & professional broker, a well oiled marketing machine, and a seasoned negotiator. You’ve come to the right place.


Why choose Landerz


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Selling a land is selling a potential project. We understand city zoning, closely follow the market, and track every single land transaction. This allows us to accurately price your property, and build a convincing argument for buyers to open their wallet.



Maximizing value is about leverage. With our unique platform, used by a majority of developer, we will get your property noticed by every potential buyer, and leverage the generated traction to maximize their bid.

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A land transaction is a journey. Our vast experience and negotiation skills will make sure we bring the deal to closure, without the buyer renegotiating the accepted terms over its due diligence, when the competition has moved to the next opportunity.


What customers are saying

“I knew I was sitting on a gold mine, but I had no idea how to harvest it. Landerz quickly figured out the potential, and we were able to get the most out of it in no time.”

- S. Piotte


Every land is different

But the process to maximize its value is not. Here's how we do it.


Property Value Assessment

An accurate pricing will ensure a competitive bid, which will maximize your return. We monitor every transaction on the market, and we’ll tap into our database to identify comparables and market trends for your sector, as well as validate the building potential with the city.


Analyze every detail

To ensure a smooth and expedite process towards closing, we’ll complete a thorough due diligence of your property, as any buyer would. Resolving potential issues upfront will speed up the process, and avoid renegotiation down the road.


Strategize marketing

Each land is different, and identifying the maximal and best use require both deep knowledge and strategy. Once defined, we'll build a detailed investment memorandum to minimize buyers energy to submit a bid, increasing our chance for maximal competition. Our unique platform will ensure that every potential buyer is aware of the opportunity.


Launch Day!

This is the day. Your property is hitting the market and we are here to maximize the buzz. A well-structured launch will ensure we convert as many potential prospects into buyers. Generating competition among buyers is key to secure the best conditions for you.


Negotiate a purchase agreement

Our rigorous approach will bring a buyer, or many, to send a purchase agreement. We'll negotiate the terms for you under your directions, and make sure your interests are well protected. We will conduct a due diligence on each buyer, eliminating the ones with agressive negotiation techniques.


Complete the due diligence

Most buyers will have conditions on their purchase agreement that they'll require to waive. A well-prepared launch should minimize this time period, as well as eliminate any unwanted surprises. We’ll follow up closely with the buyer, to ensure his process is moving forward in a timely manner.


Finalize closing

It's finally time to reap the benefits of all the hard work. The closing is the final step to transfer the ownership of the property. We will ensure that every detail is cared for, and that the transaction runs smoothly. If anything arises afterwards, we will be there, so you can focus on your new projects.


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